Enerfy Sport Score

  • Tells you how energy efficient your drive independent of speed. Good for use on highways. Comparable with other drivers independent of vehicle type.

Enerfy Eco Score

  • Tells you how energy efficient your drive. The Score is comparable with other drivers independent of vehicle type or traffic. Score is convertible into a guaranteed saving as an increase of 100 Enerfy represents a 5% fuel saving.

Swipe for trip selection

  • Select latest trip, day, week, month, year or overall.
  • Quick stats for trip selected – Duration, Distance and average speed.
  • Average Sport- and Eco Score
  • Top Sport- and Eco Score
  • Friends performance


  • My Profile - Your pesonal menu
  • Your picture
  • Sport- and Eco Score trend graphs
  • Number of friends - WallFor posting and sharing of pictures and information, latest news and new eventsAwardsFor good performanceSettingsFor your personal profile and password setting


  • My friends- Invite or find friends
  • Messages- Create or receive messages
  • Wall - Post and share or view others comments
  • Teams - Follow other teams or create your own teamNearbyFind other Enerfists nearby you


  • Enerfy Shop - Buy the Enerfy package from the app
  • My bank - Collect e-coins or scratch the lottery
  • Rewards - Benefits you gained for good performance
  • Offers - View what deals there are around


  • Your personal trip log book on a map.
  • Select stats per trip, day, month or year.
  • Trip stat include:
  • Trip drawn on a map
  • Eco- and Sport Score
  • Start time
  • Duration of trip
  • Stop time
  • Distance
  • Average Speed
  • Average RPM

Replay drive

  • Drag your finger across the map to recap details of your trip.
  • For exact speed at a certain date, time and location.
  • For exact RPM at a certain date, time and location.
  • For exact Enerfy score at a certain date, time and location.


  • Loads of feedback and statistics to support your decisions.
  • Select Eco or Sport score.
  • Your driving performance will be drawn on a map.
  • Indicatiing the road stretches with good driving performance and other parts of the trip with room for improvement.
  • Swipe to view technical driving performance.
  • Select comparing period, average, last ten trips or the best.
  • Technical driving performance.
  • Skills comparison.
  • Improvement possibility - with quantified indication of savings potential.
  • Improvement speed area – insights about your speed profile displayed on a graph.
  • Indication in which speed range you got your biggest fuel saving opportunity.
  • Telling you exactly how much you can save.
  • Indicating your max speed for the trip.
  • Speed change analysis.
  • Time spent accelerating.
  • Time spent in constant speed.
  • Time spent reducing speed.
  • Speed cost analysis.
  • Graph indicating time spent in speed below and above 80km/h or 50mph.
  • Percentage of driving time above 80km/h or 50mph.
  • Minutes of theoretical time saving due to speed above 80km/h or 50mph.
  • Minutes of practical time saving due to speed above 80km/h or 50mph.
  • Cost of speed above 80km/h or 50mph.


  • For your memory and comfort in case of an incident.
  • Indicate how you felt at the time of the incident.
  • Indicate if it was a business of private trip.
  • Add your personal note.
  • Add a picture of the situation.


  • To view how your performance develops over a distance
  • Select split per km/mile, 10km or 100km.

Compare – driving and vehicle performance.

  • Benchmark vehicle performance, to see what vehicle that is easiest for you to drive energy smart.
  • Benchmark driving performance over two various trips.
  • Compare your performance.
  • Select Sport or Eco score to be compared
  • Select your latest, day, month year or top score.
  • Compare with a selected friend.
  • Compare with your friends.
  • Compare with your league.
  • Compare with the world average.
  • Compare with the Elite drivers.

Driver’s log – automatically written for your convenience.

  • Including time, date, address of origin and destination, duration, distance, odometer,
  • Select purpose of trip.
  • Business
  • Private
  • Add fuel type (optional)
  • Add fuel price (optional)
  • Save and export.


  • Challenges - Join a challenge
  • Create a challenge - Challenge can be set in different formats.
  • Smart driving Cup - Easy to set up your own cup. How is the winner in the team, at work, in your neighbourhood?
  • Head to Head - Select a friend you would like to challenge in smart driving. Select a random friend you would like to challenge in smart driving.
  • Leaderboards - View your ranking in your league of drivers. View your ranking among your friends. View your ranking among your team. View your ranking compared to Elite drivers.


  • Safety index - Indicating potential traffic risk behaviour.
  • Find your car - Navigate to where you parked the car.Share with friends where your parked the car.
  • Safety Alarms - Set a time when you wish to take a rest. Set a speed you don’t want to driver faster than.Avoid incoming calls. A function for androids phones (coming soon).


  • Sending emergency message to pre-set numbers in case of an incident.
  • Message will tell recipient your location.


  • We make a difference - To see your CO2 savings into relation to number of new trees, hours of a light bulb or PET bottles. To see your teams and your friends CO2 savings.
  • Donate CO2 - Select a friend and send a CO2 gift.

Start drive

  • It is simple to get data from your drivings - The wizard with help you along.
  • True speed - Enerfy will tell you the vehicles true speed - live.
  • You can drive with and without a reader - With a reader you get the possibility to compare with yourself and friends.
  • Use Enerfy as your Activity tracker - Enerfy has loads of functionality for your training acitvities, such as replaying your run. Why not try it of for your next walk.


  • Report user
  • Review Enerfy
  • Log out

Note: All functions in the product are updated continuously and may be changed, based on feedback from users. Above list may vary from the actual product.